Aras tile Company was put into operation in 2003 with the collective investment of Isfahan tile and ceramic industry activists with a capacity of more than 3 million square meters and modern industrial machines and modern European technology in the production of wall tiles, floor ceramics and porcelain. Today this company By having efficient, expert and motivated employees, it has been able to make a significant contribution to the production of diverse products, and also by obtaining approvals, domestic and international certificates, including ISO 9001, the national standard of Iran, and honors such as choosing this company as a unit. Industrial sample, standard sample unit and sample exporter, as well as a successful presence in domestic and foreign markets, have been able to achieve significant success in this field. In 2016, the management of Aras tiles with a new policy and approach based on customer satisfaction to improve the quality of products. Above the standards of tiles and ceramics) and the principle of customer orientation according to the needs of customers has presented a new model of a successful company in the production of tile and ceramic products.

The research and development unit of this company continuously monitors and evaluates the new trends and tendencies of the market in order to quickly respond to the needs of the distribution network and the final consumer, in this direction in 2022 by importing the latest devices in the field of polishing products of this company. We also added polishing products to our basket.

In the process of achieving the production of products with world-class quality in order to satisfy customers, all the stages of product production are continuously controlled and monitored by a laboratory equipped with the latest technology.

The tasteful designers of this collection, inspired by the corporate motto of Aras Tile Company (a copy of nature), have been able to present real and practical designs with the architectural pattern and design of all parts of the building and replace all the consumable materials of the building.